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Tor Fashion is an international Designer Fashion Agency with an impressive central London showroom.

Tor Fashion represents some of the most sought after international womenswear designer brands and sells them into independent boutiques and department stores across the globe.

Our portfolio offers a wide range of brands covering mother-of-the-bride, occasion-wear, separates (both smart and casual), outerwear and accessories. Collections vary considerably in price point, from entry level up to high-end designer merchandise. Stock is available for both forward and short order.

"I take great pride from the fact that our rapport with our customers transcends the usual conformities of business and extends to a more personal and genuine partnership.

At the heart of it all, fashion is great fun and I believe that the buying experience should reflect this.

No elevated sales pitches, just straight-talking, honest advice."
Tor Stockdale - Director

We passionately believe in our brands, not least because of the success they have given to so many businesses but also because they are well-established and highly respected within the industry. They are in it for the long-haul, just as we are.

As keen competitors we emulate the same "work hard, play hard" philosophy in the showroom as on the sports field, trusting that an enjoyable buying experience breeds loyalty and confidence in our merchandise.

Every store, every independent is different. Therefore, a blanket approach to sales has no place in offering such a tailored, personal service. We know that it isn't about maximising today's sales, rather the sell-through of our brand at retail level. If you sell your stock and come back in six months time for more, then we've done our job right. We will be here next year, we want you to be too.

Our mission
Offer a commercial brand portfolio that excites and intrigues while delivering the best possible quality, style and value.

Offer a consistent brand portfolio by establishing long-lasting partnerships with financially stable and well-established designers.

Openly encourage client feedback to pass on to the designers enabling them to respond quicker to customer demand and changing market trends.



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