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About Cream:

With a distinctive boho vibe, Cream celebrates the feminine idiom and offers a unique, trendy signature look for women who love bohemian luxury with a Scandinavian touch. Ever since the design universe was created in 2004, each collection has been imbued with a wealth of details and defining surprises that not only highlight the brand's strong DNA, but also let you cultivate the expression that opens up your best pages.
Easy to wear, easy to love.
Brand values
Charismatic...in all we do. You can always recognize our unique boho style and spirit.
Attentive...Our customers and fans are business – and business always gets our full attention.
New...Everything is in motion. So are we – in both style and personality.
Competitive... Boho is ours.
Target customer:
1. She is 35+
2. Mainstream but still conscious of her choice of style.
3. She is feminine and loves when the fabric does both her body and the environment good
4. Quality and comfort are important to her.
5. She is spiritual in nature and doesn’t mind, that it shows. She has settled down and found her way in life.
6. She is not easily impressed.
7. She keeps herself updated, and is active on mainstream social media

Founded in 2004 in Ikast, Denmark

Designed in Denmark

Retail prices £19.99 - £349.99 (leather jackets)

Sizing 8-18 or XS - XXL


Competitors: InWear, Dranella, Sandwich, Fransa, Soya Concept, Postcard From Brighton




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