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Smashed Lemon is known for its remarkable prints, perfect fit and strong price-quality.

The brand was born in Amsterdam in 2007. “Holding true to our belief that every woman loves to be surprised by something special, we make sure that all our designs will amaze anyone who buys them. Smashed Lemon offers clothes that explore a plethora of emotions from bright, energetic, colourful, to playful and feminine. Expressing the beauty and wonder of life, our designs flow from a love for fashion and a desire to be different.”

Versatility – Ranging from a casual coffee date to a business meeting or a nice evening out, with Smashed Lemon you can be sure that you’ll be a unique style statement!

Sizing: 8-22


Designed in Holland
Retail price: £39-69
Competitors: Ted Baker, Darling, Emily & Fin, Onjenu




Designed and developed by Viewpoint Actionmedia |  www.amvp.co.uk